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April 26th to May 7th

Want to experience the rich history and culture of Kenya?

Want to bask in the beauty of the East African Coast?

Ready to plant seeds into the local community?

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Memorable Tours

Join us as we go on exciting excursion tours across Kenya to include the historical Nairobi National Park and their beautiful beaches! Let’s submerge ourselves in this rich history and culture!

Planting Seeds

We are all about giving back as we enjoy the fruits of our public service while on vacation! For one day we will be planting a seed into a local outreach/community project or program! Let’s leave an impact while in Kenya!

Exciting Excursions

Start this 2023 trip with a bang! Enjoy adventurous excursions to:

  • Jangwani Camp Sagana

  • Maasai Village Day Tour

  • Ruiki Kikuyu Cultural Centre

  • Diani Beach and more!

Ready to Go!

The Mustard Seed Travel Group fully immerses ourselves in rich cultures and we plant seeds wherever we go!

We Can’t Wait to Go on Our 2023 Kenya Adventure With You!

2023 International Group Trips

Calling All Content Creators, Leaders & Social Media Influencers

Summer 2023

The Usha Village is located in La Ceiba, Honduras in Central America. The village is used exclusively for offering treatment to approved clients. It is a place to disconnect from the rest of the world. No classes, tours, seminars, internships, or planned activities of any sort. This time is to help you meditate and immerse yourself in a complete healing lifestyle. Ready to begin your healing journey?

More details coming SOON!

Fall 2023

From bustling, neon-lit metropolises to countryside hills, long sandy beaches to majestic mountain hikes, we will take you off the conventional tour routes and show you life like a local on this unforgettable South Korea trip. Want to find out more?

More details coming SOON!

Spring 2024

Cartagena is a sexy coastal city with the perfect mix of culture, tropical bliss and history. Join us as we bring an intimate group of individuals together to immerse themselves in the soul that runs through this wonderful city. Ready to takeoff?

More details coming SOON!

Fall 2024

Trek through the jungles, scale the volcanic landscapes, dive into warm waters and meet the people of the Philippines' 7,000 islands for a remarkable and enlightening experience.The Philippines provides an answer for those in search of a slice of archipelagic Asia. Excited to begin your exploration?

More details coming SOON!

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